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With Scrapp, you can be a recycling hero and earn rewards for your planet-friendly efforts.

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Local disposal guidance

Do you get confused about what’s recyclable and what’s not? Scrapp shows you the right way to sort your waste, simply by scanning the barcode.
The guidance adapts to your local recycling rules for any item you wish to bin. Scrapp works best in the UK for now, and we’re adding support for elsewhere soon.
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Powered by the community

Scrapp makes it easy to reduce your footprint.
You can even help others recycle with confidence. By sharing info about the products you use every day.
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Earn Scrapp Points for every item

Our app’s a bit of a whizz kid. Because each time you recycle right, it tracks how much you’ve saved. You’ll also earn Scrapp points – our new digital currency.

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Recycling Saves CO2 And Earns Points Rewards
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Spend them on sustainable rewards

You can trade hard-earned points for discounts on your fav sustainable brands. Or you can choose to pledge them to planet-saving projects.
It’s our way of making sustainable shopping easier and more affordable whilst supporting initiatives that deserve our help.
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Together, we’re making an impact.

The positive impacts we’re making together are real and measurable, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it!


Items correctly disposed

204 kg CO2e

In equivalent
emmissions saved



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5 Star App Review

The interface is clean and SUPER easy to use

Although I already considered myself a skilled recycler, Scrapp has proven that I definitely had more to learn!

This app saves me so much time!

Was fun and easy to use also interesting to find out about the packaging I had in my house!

Felt good and hopeful about being involved in the project

A real eye opener into the world of recycling. Even well seasoned eco warriors will be surprised!

This helped me!

Scrapp is a simple way of sorting out what parts of packaging are recyclable

Thanks for making it easy

I like the idea of it – I wish more towns made it easier to recycle !!

Was fun and easy to use

Brilliant app, really easy to use, makes recycling less of a task

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