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Sound Familiar?

We can all agree that recycling can be confusing at times. There’s an endless number of different products, each with different packaging, and the rules are constantly changing. So how can you ever be certain of whether your recycling will actually be recycled?

Well, that’s why we made Scrapp – an app designed to simplify recycling. It works by scanning the barcode found on your household items, then Scrapp will tell you exactly how to dispose of it, according to the guidelines in your area. That’s right, no more guesswork. And the best part? It’s completely free.

Scrapp Dashboard

We believe in transparency. That why we built the Scrapp Dashboard – it shows the incredible impact of the combined efforts from everyone in our community, working together towards a greater good.

Registered Scrapp users

Products scanned

136 kg CO2e

Equivalent carbon saved

The breakdown

The circular dials show the proportion of scanned items that are recyclable, and those which are not. You can also see a breakdown of scans across our material categories. 




Non Recyclable

  • Plastic 46% 46%
  • Paper & Cardboard 23% 23%
  • Glass 18% 18%
  • Metal 11% 11%
  • Carton 2% 2%


How does it work?

We’ve collaborated with genuine industry professionals to build our recycling guidance. This forms the basis for our in-app feedback. We also work with local authorities to incorporate their recycling rules into our geospatial library. This means that each time you scan the barcode on an item the guidance applies specifically to you and your local area.

When will Scrapp be ready?

We are currently open Beta testing and are scheduled for a full, public launch in September 2021. To receive all of our latest updates as soon as they go live, we recommend you join our newsletter.

How can I get involved?

Do you have ideas for how to improve the app? A snazzy feature you’d love to see? A pro tip to share? Or interested in joining our team? Please drop us a message. We are always searching for ways to make Scrapp better.

Applications for our ambassador program are already being considered. We’re looking for individuals with a genuine passion for sustainability who would like to represent Scrapp in their area.


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