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We make recycling simple, fun, and rewarding for everyone.

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Founded in 2019, Scrapp is an award-winning platform that makes recycling simple, fun, and rewarding – for everyone. It starts with just a scan of the barcode found on any household item using our free app. Then Scrapp will show you which parts are recyclable or not, according to your local recycling rules.

With points earned for each piece of packaging recycled correctly, Scrapp makes recycling fun for everyone and ensures that your planet-positive efforts get rewarded. We’ve even teamed up with NGO Plastic Bank, so that each time you recycle right with Scrapp, we remove up to 5 plastic bags from the ocean.

Our current progress has shown that Scrapp could help divert 85,000 tons of landfill waste for an average-sized city (500,000 users) each year.

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